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Posted by Catherine Saar on Tue, Jul 15, 2014 @ 09:50 AM

photo 1I await my furniture in my empty home and wonder, why is this happening?  When I first learned that North American Van lines, (a nationally known moving company) could not find a driver to bring my belongings across the country, and that neither my customer service rep nor her boss had any idea when they could, I was bewildered and angry.  I hunted for contact information and transitioned into “fix-it” mode.  I schemed how to contact the President of the Company to find a solution.   

Obsessed with getting action, I checked the Internet a little more closely.  Apparently, I am not the first person to have this problem with this carrier, and those who have gone before have tried many of the same tactics I was planning.  Sadly, nothing has worked for them.  It seems that many of them are still waiting  - weeks and months - for their belongings to be delivered.

During my first week here I told everyone I met about my plight, hoping that someone, somewhere might have an insight.  I got lots of advice, and yet nothing so far is bringing me closer to resolution. Many friends are offering overnight refuge.  And, while I appreciate their generosity, I also long to feel grounded in my personal space. 

What to do with this feeling of helplessness?  Worrying is taking up a lot of rental space in my mind where peace normally resides.  Furniture notwithstanding, I am also without family photos, some important documents and most of my clothing.  And yet, the idea of spending hours working on strategies that don’t return results doesn’t feel worthwhile or joyful. 

I finally realized that what I am missing most are some of my daily comforts: my cookware, my real bed and especially my road bike.  Now that I live in a biking mecca, it just figures that my beloved Wilier Triestina is gathering dust in some unknown warehouse in Massachusetts.

So I’ve surrendered.  Well, not really.  But I have made the conscious decision not to let this situation ruin my daily happiness.  I spend an hour a day researching and determining what I might do to get my stuff to me more quickly, and at the same time, I am calling upon my inner and outer resources to create a comfy home that offers some respite while I wait.

A friend is loaning me two overstuffed chairs, and I bought an inexpensive and cool coffee table.  I found that a pot and a frying pan, two sets of utensils, and some wooden spoons work pretty well for creating most meals, and that having a microwave can be helpful.  An aero bed with borrowed sheets is reasonably comfortable, and I am hoping to borrow a road bike for a while.

I am still angry and bewildered as to why this is happening, and will continue to search for a solution, but I am determined that North American Van Lines is not going to make me feel miserable.  Only I can do that. Life is short, Colorado is beautiful and I choose joy.

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