Rave Reviews

"Coaching with Catherine has truly improved my well-being on many different levels.  Most importantly, it taught me to find balance in life and make time to take care of myself.  I learned that if I set goals and revisit them frequently, I can achieve whatever I set out to do.  Throughout the weeks, Catherine has been invaluable by not only providing constructive council, but by going above and beyond supplying me with informational articles that specifically addressed my needs and supported our discussions.  Her continuous encouragement and understanding have provided a solid foundation for me to maintain working on my goals and develop new ones.   She is perceptive and knowledgeable and I am very grateful for her coaching!"  Michaela, Marketing Executive

"I interviewed several career coaches before choosing Catherine.  What I love about her background and experience is that she has held high level positions in my field and is not only a great career coach, but a career coach with an actual tap on the job market.  Catherine helped me take a diverse set of work experiences, identify the common marketable threads and my own personal strengths and passions and then articulate them back to the market.  She is incredibly helpful around interview prep, is an accountability partner and is a strategic partner in identifying jobs on the market that are a fit." Jan, Business Development Director
"When I was feeling frustration about not being able to complete work on a resource website for our organization, I did an Internet search for a project coach, and was fortunate to find a gem in Catherine. From our initial conversation, I knew she would help me reach this goal. She did so with kindness, while offering practical advice that motivated me to approach the project with a different, gentler attitude, and still move forward within a reasonable time frame. It's a pleasure to recommend Catherine to others who will surely benefit from her expertise."  Marla, Executive Director, Nonprofit Organization

"Working with Catherine helped me uncover what I was most passionate about so I could strategically plan my next career move. She is a terrific coach - asking challenging questions and offering wise counsel in an inspirational and empathetic manner.  Alice, Communications Director

"Catherine gives you a great boost in confidence! Although she's coached me on projects, what I like best about Catherine is her communication style. She says what I need to hear, and she says it in a way that I can hear it. Whenever I face a challenging situation, Catherine comes to mind." Sally, HR Director

“Working with Catherine has been transformational. She was able to move the camera perspective to help me see my life in a whole new light. My career and marriage both benefited as I was able to refocus myself with a clear schedule and set of goals.”  Chris, Filmmaker & Writer

"Catherine was helpful in jump-starting my job search by instilling in me a renewed sense of confidence.  Her coaching expertise was instrumental in helping me to focus on my skills and experience as I looked to transition to a new career.  Her depth of experience provided valuable insights on ways to market myself which provided the “nudge” that I needed to boost my confidence level.  I thoroughly enjoyed working with Catherine and found the time spent to be productive and exceptionally worthwhile."  Carol, Investment Banker

“Catherine helped me at a time when I needed a real push from both personal and business perspectives.  Between her knowledge, experience and intuitive approach I was able to get out of my rut and grow in the ways I had longed for.  She really understands who I am.  I will not hesitate to use her again, when needed.”  Kat, Designer

"I have known Catherine since we were 15. She was wise about the world then; she still is. You can hear her listening to you. Catherine can help you figure out the way back to yourself. In our collaboration, she has done this for me."  MSR, Artist