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The Project Coach philosophy is that  if you can dream it, you can do it. Whether you are seeking better wellness, less stress, or greater career satisfaction, achieving your goal is possible, if you have the desire to make it happen. At The Project Coach, we take your life and your career goals and turn them into "projects" with a beginning, a middle and an end.  Some projects are big, others are small.  No matter how big, or how small your project,  The Project Coach empowers smart, talented people with tools to overcome the roadblocks that stop action – so you can get your goals accomplished, either personally, or professionally.

Why Coaching?

Even smart, talented, creative people get stuck and may need an assist to overcome obstacles that are getting in their way. Coaching isn't therapy.  It's about creating your future, not dwelling on the past.  Is it time for a career move, or do you need new perspective on how to handle a challenging work situation?  Maybe you want to start your own business, write a book, or just find more time to have fun and pursue your passion. By combining inquiry, coaching and project management, we work together to create a process that is uniquely suited to your needs, so you can create the future that you envision.                                                                                                   

If there is an important project in your life or your business that seems to always be just out of reach, click below to set up a complimentary 30 minute consultation to see if coaching with me would be beneficial to you. 

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Rave Reviews

"Wellness coaching with Catherine has truly improved my well-being on many different levels.  Most importantly, it taught me to find balance in life and make time to take care of myself.  I learned that if I set goals and revisit them frequently, I can achieve whatever I set out to do."   Michaela, Marketing Executive

“Working with Catherine has been transformational. She was able to move the camera perspective to help me see my life in a whole new light. My career and marriage both benefited as I was able to refocus myself with a clear schedule and set of goals.”  Chris, Filmmaker & Writer

"Catherine was helpful in jump-starting my job search by instilling in me a renewed sense of confidence.  Her coaching expertise was instrumental in helping me to focus on my skills and experience as I looked to transition to a new career."  Carol, Investment Banker

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