Transforming Conflict into Opportunity

Does the idea of conflict cause you to freeze up or feel anxious? Do you avoid conflict or over eact as a result? 

Can you imagine what it would be like if you could be more relaxed about conflict and actually turn it into an opportunity to get more of what you want?  Picture how much easier it could be to create solutions that work for everyone, most importantly, for you - if you could just relax more in those difficult moments of confrontation.

It is possible! Whether it’s a workplace situation or a struggle with an intimate partner, children or friends, you can learn to manage conflict with greater ease and less stress.  Just picture what you could do, the relationships you would have and the choices you’d make with this skill.

Unfortunately though, for most people, fear, anger and doubt call the shots during a conflict.  Think about it, you don’t speak your mind clearly because you are frozen, angry, hurt or confused.  You may either strike out or hold back.

What if you could think in a different way?

What if you could stand up tall and speak from your heart at a moments notice in a way that creates solutions?  Imagine negotiating your position and sharing your point of view with more confidence, calm and from a centered, open place. 

In this four-week course, you will learn a framework and practice techniques that can empower you to handle conflict with more ease and clarity:

  • Identify behaviors that can create conflict as well as resolve conflict

  • Learn a step-by-step process for self awareness and stress reduction to use during and before conflict arises so you can approach each situation with less stress

  • Learn how to ask for what you want with clarity and calm

  • Learn how to keep a relationship going when you deal with the person with whom you are in conflict

  • Learn how to handle power struggles and how to deal with “no” 

Class Times: Tuesday evenings, September 17th, 24th, October 1, and 8th - starting at  4:00 PST, 5:00 MST, 6:00 CST, and 7:00 PM EST

Can’t make it to one of the sessions?  No worries, each webinar will be available for download after the live class has been completed.

Limit: 20 students. Each session lasts 75 minutes.

Cost: $99 total for all four classes! Register below.


Conflict is an Opportunity for Positive Change

If you have ever have been negatively stimulated by situations at work, or disappointed in how you handled them, and longed to find new strategies to transform those situations, this is the webinar you have been looking for.

Conflict is a fact of life and a gift that gives you an opportunity to create positive change. In this series, you will gain experience with tools that you can use immediately at work or at home to do just that. After each webinar, you can practice what you learn on yourself, with friends, family, or with a practice partner.