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How to Be Great, Even If You're Not Feeling It

Posted by Catherine Saar on Sat, Feb 04, 2012 @ 10:44 AM

When we struggle with work and life issues, it can feel as though we aren't successful. Over time, this can lead to self-doubt, burnout and even depression. Unless your issues stem from giving too much and not taking care of yourself,  a great antidote to these feelings may lie in helping others. Dana Reeve, an activist for disability causes put it this way,

When you least feel like it, do something for someone else. You forget about your own situation. It gives you a purpose, as opposed to being sorrowful and lonely.” *  

Ms. Reeve's comment and the short excerpt from a  Martin Luther King speech below are "great" reminders that everyone has something to contribute. There are no barriers to making your world a happier, better place through kindness to others.

Video from KarmaTube

* Check out Daily Celebrations  for this and other motivational service quotes and Karma Tube for cool, inspirational videos. 

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